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from Pawns of Pleiku

With a few violent exceptions, the cities were the first to be cleaned up in the 60s. Soldiers didn't routinely carry weapons in cities by 1970. The coastal countryside was next. The Delta was well under control. The central and northern rural jungles and mountains were the last, but growing safer. Finally, thanks to the Jane Fondas and Tom Haydens, and later Walter Cronkites of the world, the U.S. stopped supplying our allies weapons, ammunition and support systems. Meanwhile, China and Russia ramped up their supplies. There were South Vietnamese units literally fighting without bullets at the end of the war against top grade weapons and equipment. We didn't lose, we left. Most post-1969 combat vets agree. We deserted our allies, Vietnamese and Montagnards. They were left to be slaughtered in a genocide the American public never considered or cared about. The biased media didn't stop with the end of the war. Four and a half decades later, Ken Burns would do his documentary of the Vietnam War. The bulk of his interviews were with North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers and anti-war protesters, who weren't about to provide anything positive. I knew the accent immediately between North and South Vietnamese, and most were from the North. The exception was a U.S. Army adviser who spoke truthfully and accurately. But Burn's extensively done production will likely remain the 'bible' of the war forever in history.

I hope not.

used with the author's permission

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