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When you upload a file to the wiki, the software stores it in a location that is referenced by the namespace "File:". You do not need to provide a url to display the file. Instead, you use the "File:" reference (example highlighted below) to display it.

You can view all the files that have been uploaded by typing Special:FileList in the wiki Search box. View the file list

So, for example, if you upload a file named mypic.jpg, you would reference it in an article like this: [[File:mypic.jpg]]

External Links

Double brackets refer to an internal link. Single brackets refer to an external link.

E.g. External link: [] Example: [1]

Placing a space after the url and adding text will display the text instead of the url

E.g. External link with text [] Example:

Internal Links

Double brackets refer to an internal link.

E.g Internal link: [[Help:Images]] Example: Help:Images

Placing a pipe sign ("|") between the url and text will display the text

E.g. Internal link with text [[Help:Images|Help with images]] Example: Help with images

File Links

To link to a file you've uploaded, use this code: [[File:yourfile.jpg]]

E.g. [[File:Example.jpg]] will display the Example.jpg file.


As with all internal links, you can provide a name for the image by using a pipe sign ("|"). If you do that, when the viewer hovers their mouse over the link, the name will appear. [[File:Example.jpg|This is the name]]

This is the name

You can control the size of the image by providing a second field with the image size. [[File:Example.jpg|200x134px|This is the name]]

This is the name

For the full details on the options available for images, see Help:Images