COL Andrew Finlayson

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Biographical Information – Colonel Andrew R. Finlayson, USMC (Ret.)

COL. Andrew Finlayson, USMC

Colonel Finlayson is a 1966 graduate of the U. S Naval Academy who served 25 years in the US Marine Corps as an infantry officer. He spent 32 months in South Vietnam as a Force Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, Infantry Company Commander and Provincial Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) Commander and Advisor. From his retirement from the US Marine Corps in 1991 until 2007 he worked for the Vinnell and Northrop Grumman Corporations in management positions specializing in military training, strategic planning and security biometrics, in Saudi Arabia, Iraqi and Romania. His most recent publication is a book entitled Killer Kane: A Marine Long-Range Recon Leader in Vietnam, 1967-1968. He is the author of several articles and studies related to the Vietnam War. He currently resides in Morrisville, North Carolina.