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Part VI. Vietnamese Voices

Ms. Song Chi on RFA

Ms. Song Chi on RFA (English Translation)

Film director Ms Song Chi was of the 'winning side' when the war ended, but had spoken out against the regime. She was granted political asylum in Norway in 2004. Her opinion about the film reflects the opinion of many Vietnamese -except those currently in power in Vietnam who must be quite pleased the way their side was depicted.

American War in the Vietnam War (Vietnamese) by Truong Huy San

American War in the Vietnam War (English) by Truong Huy San

Here are some video clips from the Vietnamese community. My Vietnamese is not good enough to deal with them.

I have request assistance to get a one paragraph description in English for each video.

While you watch them, you will see similar videos from youtube at the bottom of your screen. Some of them are the same and some are comparable, but not on this list.

If you find important things, please note the URL.

An online survey on the Ken Burns' Vietnam War, at, SJ Vietnamese mainstream media, shows...

Bạn nhận xét thế nào về bộ phim The Vietnam War?
Thiên Cộng (The film is Pro-Communist) 88.96% - ( 540 votes )
Nghiêng về Việt Nam Cộng Hòa (The film s Pro-Republic of South Viet Nam) 2.64% - ( 16 votes )
Trung thực và Công bình (the film is truthful and fair) 6.26% - ( 38 votes )
Chưa có ý kiến (express no opinions) 2.14% - ( 13 votes )
Total votes: 607 (as of 12/24/2017)

There is a series of interviews with Bui Diem here

I would like to see these captioned, first in Vietnamese and then in English.

Note that these videos are getting 10s of thousands of hits!!

The first clip is in English. I offer to correct the English language captions if anyone is interested.





Interview with Bui Tin

Interview with Bui Quang Vom



Interview with Phan Quang Tue (who appeared in the Burns video)

Interview with James McLeroy and Fred Koster

Steve Sherman

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