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Vietnam and the United States Today - A Personal Opinion

During the course of the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese communists were always careful to separate the American people from the American government. In my comments here, I wish to take a similar tack. The Vietnamese people have demonstrated a friendliness and acceptance of Americans. Their government has not. The Vietnamese Communists have never even pretended that an agreement which they made was worth the paper it was printed on. Not in 1962 regarding Laos, Not in 1973 regarding South Vietnam. And not in any negotiations dealing with Human Rights in exchange for trade. Their efforts to support POW recovery has always been a money grab; they have never released information that has clearly been in their hands since the events occurred. They have desecrated the graves of the South Vietnamese soldiers who were our friends and allies, and punished their children down through several generations. They have used the ODP, Amerasian and HO programs to their personal advantage and are practicing genocide against out Montagnard friends.

During the war, their propaganda said Nguoi My (Americans) are here toe cuop nuoc (steal the country). When the war ended, they kept the country in stasis in the hopes that they could sell it to us. When we didn't turn to them, they clear cut the jungles, creating a far greater environmental disaster than anything caused by Agent Orange, selling the wood to the Japanese and planting coffee to disrupt the world markets and further despoil the natural fertility of the highland soils.

Frankly, my opinion is that we not have had anything to do with them after 1975.

The end of a Communist system in Vietnam, which is only going to happen if they implode, would be far better for the people of Vietnam than anything that mutaul recognition could bring. When the Soviet Union fell, the six billion dollars of aid the USSR gave Vietnam disappeared. It was quickly replaced by remittances from the Viet Keiu, particularly those in America, including my wife. Had they not done so, the communist government would be long gone.

I am willing to accept the rumor that Clinton accepted bribes tendered though his Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, to recognize Vietnam after his election in 1992. The only consoling factor is that the Bush 41 administration was planning to do the same if it were reelected, only without any necessary bribes. People like Exxon told me, when I suggested that their interests in Vietnam would be wiped out by Communist corruption, they answered that they knew "how to take care of themselves in such an environment."

The Vietnamese Government doesn't like us and we have no reason to like them. They turn to us when China's actions threaten them and discard those overtures when they are bribed by China to overlook China's own flagrant imperialism. They run Cambodia and Laos as vassal states. We have other friends more deserving of our attentions. We should allow them to become swallowed up by the Chinese as is already happening. In fifty or a hundred more years, some new Vietnamese will rise up and become a thorn in China's paw.

This is a "stump" essay which will be revisited when time permits.

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