The Perry and Donna Golkin Family Foundation

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Perry Golkin earned MS and BS degrees from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a JD at the Law School there. He spent 25 years as General and Advisory Partner with the inventors of leverage buyouts, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Perry is CEO Officer at Public Pension Capital Management. A judge appointed Perry Golkin special master to distribute $765 million to NFL football victims of brain injuries from concussions.

The Perry & Donna Golkin Family Foundation has assets of $10 million and annual income of $5 million. The foundation has donated to the U.S. Naval Institute, sports books for Boys, and other charitable activities.

Perry Golkin serves as a trustee at the University of Pennsylvania. Perry teaches part time, adjunct, at the Penn law school and has made generous donations to the University of Pennsylvania, e.g. a Golkin Hall, and endowed a Chair at Pennsylvania Law School. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, FIRE, rates Pennsylvania as “Green, …policies nominally protect free speech.”

Donna Golkin, is a member National Advisory Council at crowdfunding website, focusing on funding teacher projects.

Perry and Donna Golkin political contributions are rare, only 30 made to both Democrats and Republicans.

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