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3. Teach-ins/Debates


In fulfillment of the proffered civil discourse on the Viet Nam War, we would like to set up a debate between the "champion(s)" of the Burns video and VVFH. This debate should be recorded for broadcast and prior discussions should be held to determine points of agreement and disagreement and the specific topics of debate.


We should offer to provide speakers/debaters to discuss our view of the Second Indochina War on campuses and other venues.

Some of this can be done electronically and we need to establish the technical capability to do so.

All such appearances should be recorded and posted.

We are looking for civil discourse and any effort to shout-down or harass our speakers must be publicized with the demand that the trouble-makers be severely punished.

"Free Speech" was a goal of the Left until they took over the campuses and decided that freedom should no longer be tolerated.

It would be appropriate to have a special fund in money and airmiles to support this program. However, an electronic debate is preferable to conserve wear and tear on our speakers, as well as finances.

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