Overview and Conclusions

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Part IV. Overview and Conclusions

Why did the Vietnam War polarize our society?

Can anything be done about it?

Suggestions for Further Study

If you sat through 18 hours of Ken Burns and went through the material on this website, obviously you are a glutton for punishment and won’t be satisfied without more. Just for people like you, we have a website at www.Viet-Myths.net that gives you 36 hours of video, twice as much as Ken Burns’ effort, but not as professionally presented. This is from a 2004 conference that we put together which became the foundation of our group, Vietnam Veterans for Factual History, which has another website at www.VVFH.org which has a lot more information that we hope you will find interesting. We are also in the process of producing a series of books on the Second Indochina War. We have published eight of the anticipated 13 volumes as of October 2017 and the series is available at www.vvfh.org/books and at amazon.com (Search “Indochina in the Year of”)

PBS Bibliography vs. Our Bibliography

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