Why did the Vietnam War polarize our society?

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Why did the Vietnam War polarize our society?

I recognize this as an oversimplification, but I believe there is a large element of truth to it.

During the Vietnam War, college students who wanted to retain their draft deferred status went on to graduate schools. They usually were not qualified to become doctors or engineers, so they opted towards teaching, journalism and social work. Established in those positions, they feared the competition from better qualified persons (like returning veterans) so they established standards of "political correctness" to protect their jobs from a diversity of opinion. As a result, you have Academia, Media and Government Bureaucracies with a single-minded agenda. Like the Communist Party, they are afraid to face any challenge to their "rice bowl," so they fight tooth and nail to keep it that way and keep the public, who they teach, inform or support, as ignorant as possible.

This is a "stump" essay which will be revisited when time permits.

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