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<translate> A MediaWiki logo with the Administrator's mop</translate>

<translate> Administrators (also known as sysops or admins) on [[<tvar|about>Special:MyLanguage/Project:About</>|]] are users with the technical capability to protect and delete pages, block users, and edit protected pages, among other things.</translate> <translate> Some used to work with the Meta-MediaWiki transfer and import of pages between Meta and MediaWiki following the creation of this site and the slight shift of Meta's purpose from documenting the software, but these users now normally get just the [[<tvar|transwiki>Special:ListUsers/transwiki</>|transwiki]] group.

To become an admin, ask at [[<tvar|requests>Project:Requests</>|Project:Requests]]. Information on the promotion process can be found there.

A list of current admins is available [[<tvar|sysop>Special:ListUsers/sysop</>|here]], and bureaucrats [[<tvar|bureaucrat>Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat</>|here]]. To request a deletion, see <tvar|deletion>Project:Deletion</>.

[[<tvar|stewards>m:Special:MyLanguage/Stewards</>|Stewards]] and [[<tvar|global-sysops>m:Special:MyLanguage/global sysops</>|global sysops]] should feel free to deal with vandalism and similarly routine and uncontroversial things, if necessary (Note: These are global groups defined by the [[<tvar|ext-CentralAuth>Special:MyLanguage/Extension:CentralAuth</>|CentralAuth extension]] and don't appear at Special:ListUsers, but at Special:GlobalUsers). If that requires administrator tools, [<tvar|talk></> the community seems to agree] that there should be no problem with this if the task is not complex.

See also

  • [[<tvar|pwer-struct>m:Power structure</>|Power structure]] on Meta-Wiki
  • [[<tvar|user-rights>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:User rights</>|Manual:User rights]]</translate>


  • [[<tvar|stats>User:SteinsplitterBot/Users by log action</>|Adminstats]]


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