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THE PARK FOUNDATION. Republican Foundation Goes Left.

The Park Foundation has been a long-time supporter of Ken Burns productions such as Jazz, and National Parks and Public Broadcasting’s Nova and Nature.

The Park Foundation wealth came from the late Roy Hampton Park, Sr. founder and CEO of Park Communications, Inc. The Foundation has historically focused on education, public broadcasting, and the environment. The Foundations interest in environmental causes has focused on freshwater in the eastern USA and a New York state shift out of fossil fuels. Adelaide P. Gomer, is the new President of the board.

The foundation has multiple scholarship programs at Cornell University (Business), Ithaca College (Communications), North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Journalism). In 2016, the Park Foundation awarded 392 grants for a total of $20,409,616 e.g.. Ithaca College scholars, $3,300,000 and North Carolina State University, $3,900,000.

Open Secrets reveal Roy and Dorothy making 200 political contributions, including the many of the 2016 GOP candidates for President including Donald Trump.

In stark contrast, outside of the control of the Davis family, the new President of the Park Foundation, Adelaide P. Gomer, has made 130 contributions almost entirely to Democrats and leftist causes, e.g. two George Soros grantees Emily’s List and

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