The Montrone Family

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THE MONTRONE FAMILY. Paul and Sandra. Liberal Democrats.

Capt. Paul M. Montrone, USA served in Robert McNamara’s Systems Analysis Group in the Pentagon during the Vietnam War. A helicopter pilot, he is Chairman of the New England Helicopter Council. The Penates Foundation, Sandra Montrone president, gave a grant to Ken Burns’ “Prohibition.”

Paul Montrone received a BS degree, the University of Scranton, and a Ph.D. from Columbia Business School. Paul Montrone was Executive Vice President of the Signal Companies, Inc. and the CEO of Fisher Scientific until 2006. He has since been Chairman of Perspecta Trust LLC, Liberty Lane Partners and Latona Associates.

Montrone is a Director of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health and founder of the National Forum for Health Care Quality Measurement Reporting. He is a member of boards of the New England Conservatory, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Montrone is Chairman of the Civil Justice Reform Taskforce of the Business Roundtable. He was producer of “Madame Butterfly,” a TV show.

The Montrone Family giving is primarily for the arts, education, medical research, and human services.

Sandra Montrone is a graduate of Marywood College. She is president of Seacoast Hospice and The Penates Foundation supporting the arts, education and community service. The Penates Foundation has assets of $10 million and annual grants of over a million.

President Clinton appointed Paul Montrone to the Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry and Sandra Montrone to the Advisory Committee on the Arts.

According to Open Secrets, Paul Montrone has made more than 230 political contributions, his about 99% to Democrats and Sandra nearly 90 contributions, about a third to Republicans.

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