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THE FULLERTON FAMILY CHARITABLE FUND. Capitalist Critics, Environmentalists.

The Fullerton Family Charitable Trust donated over $5 million to the Burns Better Angels Society. The Fullerton family, John B. and Jessica Fullerton oversee a number of similarly named overlapping Fullerton family entities. The Fullerton Charitable Trust recently had assets of $10-$50 million and an annual income of $12 million. John Fullerton, CEO of Capital Advisors, LLC., is the founder and President of Capital Institute, seeking “a more just, regenerative, and thus sustainable way of living on this earth.” John B. Fullerton advocates a New Economy (between capitalism and socialism), reimagining capitalism and authored Regenerative Capitalism. Both Hungarian George Soros and American Fullerton Ventures have helped businesses start up in Central Europe, formerly communist colonies.

The Fullerton Family Foundation of Novato, Marin County, California “embrace[s] diversity, promote a humane and democratic society.” It does so “…as a supporting organization of the Marin Community Foundation.” The MCF seeks to connect “the people who want to create change in the world with the organizations that can produce the greatest impact.” MCF, operates not only in Marin County, but worldwide. The MCF and George Soros supports open borders, e.g. Migration Policy Institute. The MCF supports radical environmental organizations, e.g. Biodiversity International (preserving ancient crops), and Grain (reducing meat production). MFC annual giving is $65-$74 million in recent years. The MCF acts in effect as a money launderer for 549 separate charitable funds, which “may choose to remain anonymous,” including the Fullerton Family Foundation. The Marin Community Organization administers the donations of Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Foundation, Buck Family Fund, Margaret E. Haas Fund, Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund, Kurland Family Foundation, Lynx Foundation, Tanklage Foundation, Dagmar Dolby Fund as well as the Fullerton Family Foundation itself.

According to Open Secrets John B. Fullerton reports very few political contributions, two Republicans and one Democrat, On the other hand, perhaps influenced by Willie Brown, Jessica Fullerton has made 168 contributions all to Democrats, particularly state political parties, Clinton and Obama.

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