The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

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In 1888, Arthur Vining Davis graduated from Amherst College, joined the Pittsburgh Reduction Company. By 1907, the expanding company became the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa). As its CEO Alcoa produced 90 percent of all virgin aluminum in the USA. Davis led aluminum production drives contributing to victories in World Wars I and II. At 82, Davis moved to Florida to build a new empire in real estate, diverse businesses and philanthropy.

Arthur Vining Davis created his foundation to “strengthen America in perpetuity” by giving to "religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes” in the USA. Davis believed the bulwarks of American society were education and culture. Davis gave generously to colleges and theological institutions

Today’s Arthur Vining Davis Foundations also seek to strengthen America by supporting “leadership, excellence and innovation in higher education, health and medicine, religious literacy and interfaith understanding, public educational media and environmental stewardship.”

The Davis Foundation’s President is Nancy J. Cable, the Board of Trustees is almost entirely members of the Davis family: Mr. J.H. Dow Davis Ms. Amanda Davis, Mr. Caleb N. Davis, Dr. Eric Davis, Mrs. Serena Davis Hall, Ms. Alicia Davis Jaworski, and Mrs. Margaret Davis Maiden.

The Foundation has given over 3,800 grants totaling more than $300 million to colleges and universities, hospitals, medical schools, and divinity schools. The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations have also funded public television programs on science, history and children.

Open Secrets reveals a low level of interest in politics. President Cable made one contribution to Mitt Romney. A Caleb Davis of Miramar Florida made seven contributions to Democrats. Six Davis family trustees gave nothing to politicians.

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