Table of VN Personalities

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Table of Vietnamese Personalities

Table of Vietnamese Personalities
Name Organization Total Time
Duong Van Mai (Elliott) SVN, RAND 11:41
Bao Ninh NVA 8:14
Nguyen Ngoc NVA 6:05
Huy Duc NVN Journalist 5:57
Phan Quang Tue SVN Civilian 5:51
Tran Ngoc Toan RVN Marine 5:44
Lo Khac Tam NVA 4:11
Le Minh Khue NVN Youth Volunteer 3:18
Tran Ngoc Chau ARVN, Province Chief 3:12
Ho Huu Lan NVA 3:04
Nguyen Van Tong NVA 2:53
Le Cong Huan VC 2:37
Nguyen Thi Hoa VC 2:22
Nguyen Nguyet Anh NVA 2:18
Le Quan Cong VC 2:11
Bui Diem SVN Diplomat 2:02
Pham Duy Tat ARVN 1:55
Nguyen Thanh Son NVA 1:42
Tran Ngoc "Harry" Hue ARVN 1:42
Tran Cong Thang NVA 1:40
Nguyen Thanh Tung VC 1:39
Lam Quang Thi ARVN 1:37
Nick Ut SVN, AP Photographer 1:35
Pham Luc NVA 1:17
Le Van Cho NVA 1:05
Cao Xuan Dai NVA 1:00
Dong Si Nguyen NVA  :49
Nguyen Thoi Bung VC  :31
Nguyen Tai NVA Spy  :19

Our thanks to Don Benesh for his effort to construct these Indexes.

29 Vietnamese are interviewed. 20 are VC/NVA. Of the remaining 9, 2 are sympathetic to the communists and have nothing good to say about Saigon, the ARVN, the US help. Total air time for VC/NVA/"anti-war"(pro-Hanoi war) = 64 minutes, 53 seconds. Total air time for those opposed to Hanoi = 21 minutes, 56 seconds.

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