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Roger Harris USMC

Antiwar Convert. Roger Harris grew up a Boston black neighborhood, Roxbury, and enlisted in the Marines. Roger Harris spent 13 months in brutal fighting in Vietnam. “You adapt to the atrocities of war. You adapt to killing and dying. …This is what we do." He once boarded a plane filled with the dead. Under mortar fire, he thought, “I’m surrounded by good dead Christians, but I’m the sinner and God’s come for me.” Returning to Logan International Airport, Boston, six cabs passed him. One cabbie said he didn’t want to go to Roxbury. Harris felt he was still a “nigger.” He also remembers, “When we came home, we were ostracized, called baby-killers.” As a school superintendent, he established Mandarin classes. “So I’ve been traveling back and forth to China for about six years… I hope that when people watch this film they realize that war is not the answer. That war should be the last thing that we do.” Dr. Roger Harris, is a now a clinical assistant professor at Boston University.

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