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Episode 5 by R.J. Del Vecchio

Due to misunderstanding the timing, I missed the first half hour of this one.

As to the rest of it, here are some observations-

OK, the Tiger Force atrocities existed, were very bad news, inexcusable, and nobody got convicted of anything, a horrible mess and disgrace all around. A failure of leadership somewhere up the line, as was My Lai, and we have to brace for #6 tonight, because we know it's going to be a major feature there too.

The only remotely good thing is they let Jim Willbanks note that this was an aberration, not a policy.

However, I am waiting still for some detailed coverage of the policy of atrocities of the VC, all the assassinations, the disembowelings of village chiefs and their families, etc. They will have to cover the Hue Massacres as part of Tet, but will we hear about Dak Son?

And again, they seem to have been unable to find, among all the vets they interviewed, even one who has anything positive at all to say about his service and what the war was about. They have found instances of commanders sending people into ambushes, and units getting chewed right to pieces, the kind of things that everyone finds stupid and command arrogance/stupidity, but which describes incidents in every war we or anyone else has ever fought. To be fair, at least they are working up to showing how arrogant and stupid they were in Hanoi to try the Tet Offensive.

And the purity of the antiwar movement is being established more and more. I wonder when we will hear about antiwar leaders going to Paris and taking their orders from the VN communist representatives there. It looks like this will go downhill steadily, which is why Novick told a concerned antiwar activist that "by the end (of the series) you will be happy".

Lastly, why are they having the same clip from Marlantes shown again with the "finishing school" comment?

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