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Episode 1 by R. J. Del Vecchio

OK, it just finished, and the good news is that there's a great deal of good history displayed, including plenty about the nastiness of the communists, such as their atrocities against assorted people including nationalists and former Viet Minh. Lots of details most people never heard of, and in fact some that were informative to me.

But the bad news is that its very beginning solidly reinforces the idea that good people with good motives made one long series of bad decisions, meaning we never should have been there and it was unwinnable, yadda-yadda. A US diplomat says we totally misread what was going on there, and that's just his opinion, and far more than debatable. And of course they talk about the "free elections" as if they were guaranteed by the Geneva Accords, which they were not, and in fact with the communists in charge of the North, there could never be actual free elections there.

What was not there at all was anything about why people in the South had a fully legitimate cause and right to oppose takeover by the communists, all we hear from are the Viet Cong cadre that stayed behind talking about how they hated and fought against the government there. No case at all is made for anyone in the South having fear and hatred of the communists. This is a really serious omission.

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