Post-War Casualties

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Post-War Casualties (Deaths, Imprisonment and Relocations)

More people died in Indochina after the Fall of Phnom Penh and Saigon than had died during the previous 10 years of war.[1]

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

100,000 Executions in Vietnam (what happened to 200,000 Hoi Chanh's)

2.5 million to Re-education camps (more than 200,000 died there)

1 million to rural New Economic Zones

750,000 Northern carpetbaggers to Saigon

deaths from artificial famine and food rationing

"sedentarization" of Montagnard

x million Boat People fled (300,000 died in the attempt)

? killed in an invasion of Cambodia

? killed in a 1978 war with China


1.7 million Executions in Cambodia

? Killed in war with Vietnam


60,000 Executions in Laos

15-20,000 in Re-education camps

1/6th of the population fled

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