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Phillip Brady - USMC and USAID

Phil Brady. USMC Advisor/USAID. Brady was a Marine Lieutenant advisor to the South Vietnamese infantry. “Behaving like ugly Americans,” says Ken Burns, Americans recovered their dead, but left behind the bodies of their allies at the battle of Binh Gia. Brady’s counterpart, Lt. Col. Tran Ngoc Toan remembered it well. According to Brady, “Higher-ups dismissed the Vietnamese as “essentially these little fellas” but “in fact they knew exactly how to fight the war. (As an advisor) You were just an appendage. You were there to guide assets they didn’t have, American artillery, American airstrikes.” Brady says the ARVN troops were exceptional infantry. He and Toan remain friends. Brady served on the staff of Vietnam veteran, novelist and US Senator James Webb (D-VA).[1]


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