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Peter Coyote

Peter Coyote Burns’ Voice/Narrator. Coyote was a member of the Diggers’ utopian hippy commune and a performing member of the Marxist SF Mime Troup. Marxism, Communist Berthol Brecht and red diaper baby Saul Landau inspired the Troupe to seek social revolution. Besides the Vietnam War, the Troupe’s key targets were American racism, capitalism and imperialism. Its red starred logo represents “peoples’ struggle”, socialism and communism. The Troupe played the communist capitals of Havana and Managua. In 1979, Coyote said, “If you look at all the political agendas of the 1960s, they basically failed. We didn't end capitalism, we didn't end imperialism, we didn't end racism.” [1] Coyote has written extensively for the far left, communist, Mother Jones magazine. Recently, Coyote remembers the Diggers, fighting the causes of the Vietnam War was at the heart of it. “It wasn’t trying to be ‘radical,'” Coyote says today. “It was trying to get people to understand that the core organizing principle of American culture was profit and private property, and that led directly to the war in Vietnam.”

This is a "stump" essay which will be revisited when time permits.


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