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Mike Heaney

Proud and Antiwar. After Army Ranger school, Heaney went to Vietnam in December 1965. At age 22, he led a patrol of a platoon of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division in a battle on a 1,000-foot ridge in Kon Tum province in the Central Highlands. Ambushed and surrounded 10 were killed and he was seriously wound laying all night waiting for air support. After extensive rehab and Vietnam, Heaney went to Harvard Law School[1] opposing the war, but proud of other Vietnam Vets. Every year he writes a letter to his deceased comrades, “I’m proud of other veterans and I thank them,” but “our leaders have not learned, what to ask of our military — and what it can do, and what it can’t do. We continue to make the same kinds of mistakes that we did in Vietnam. War is the highest stakes game there is. It kills our children and traumatizes them.” Heaney earned a PhD in American History from Rutgers University and has participated in "former enemy" exchanges with Soviet veterans as well as Vietnamese communist troops. He has taught about war and veterans in film and literature, at Trinity College, and Yale and Rutgers Universities. [2]

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