George Wickes

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George Wickes

OSS Dupe. George Wickes served in Vietnam after World War II in the OSS, under the command of Colonel Peter Dewey. Dewey gave him a field commission as a lieutenant. A native French speaker also trained in Vietnamese at Berkley, Wickes was sent to Hanoi to interview Ho Chi Minh to see if he was a communist. Ho was ready. Ho cited the principles of the Declaration of Independence. At 94, Wickes remembered, “When you talk with him he strikes you as quite above the ordinary run of mortals. Perhaps it is the spirit that great patriots are supposed to have . . . But I think it is particularly his kindliness, his simplicity, his down-to-earthness. I think Abraham Lincoln must have been such a man — calm, sane and humble.” Wickes rejected employment with the CIA, earning a master’s degree at Columbia University and a doctorate at Berkeley. Wickes taught English at Duke University, Harvey Mudd College and finally for decades at the University of Oregon.[1]

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