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Dwight Birdwell USA

Native American Patriot. Spec. 5, 4th Armed Calvary of 25th Division, Vietnam, Tet 1968. “Dwight Birdwell is of Cherokee heritage. He gives us a glimpse into the prejudices and discrimination Native Americans had to face. …Birdwell started from an unquestioning acceptance of the war and came to the realization that people were wounded and killed because of unnecessarily risky tactics in the pursuit of nothing more then body counts and medals,” says Joel Greenberg, a member of the tiny Vietnam Veterans Against the War, VVAW, reviewing Birdwell’s and Keith Nolan’s With the Armored Cav in Vietnam. VVAW’s Greenberg criticizes Birdwell for failing to recognize the war was wrong. Birdwell says, “I would do it again…It was just a part of my calling. I was told as a little boy and a young man that that was what I had to do.”[1] Birdwell received two Silver Star and Purple Heart. He is a long practicing lawyer and served as a member of the Judicial Appeals Tribunal, the Supreme Court of Cherokee Nation from 1987-1999.

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