David H. Koch

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DAVID H. KOCH. Libertarian Noninterventionist.

David Koch opposed wars in Vietnam, Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. Koch Industries is a conglomerate of oil, gas, paper, and chemical industries and America’s second-largest privately held company. Like most Libertarians, David Koch supports a noninterventionist foreign policy. The Koch brothers, David and Charles, donate heavily to Republican, conservative, Tea party, and many libertarian/conservative candidates and think tanks. They are skeptical of climate change. The David H. Koch Charitable Foundation has donated over $1 billion to cancer research, arts and science organizations, including performing arts, museums of art and natural history. David is a liberal on social issues like abortion, drugs and gay marriage. "I have friends who smoke pot. I know many homosexuals. It's ridiculous to treat them as criminals."

According to Open Secrets, David Koch has made over 1,700 contributions almost entirely to Republican candidates and committees and conservative think tanks.

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