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We should collect tapes, transcripts, podcasts of our members speaking on this subject and post them on our wiki.


MG Pat Brady, MOH
R. J. Del Vecchio
COL Andrew Finlayson
Lewis Sorley

We also need a list of key points that speakers should try to include during such appearances.

These would include instructions to reach the wiki: " go to Click on "wiki" in the main menu/header bar." Or go directly to "". Test them both for yourself and see what works for you.
Why what we have to say is important: "Burns is correct in identifying the Vietnam War as the source of the polarization of our society. But in order to address the rift/lessons learned, we have to work with a valid set of facts."
If Burns is serious about wanting to have a dialogue about the Vietnam War, he should not ignore the concerns that veterans bring forward here.
This is not a paramount concern. Perhaps a reference to our Indochina series of books. "go to, Click on 'books" and see special offer"

Add other suggestions here:

Scheduled Appearances

Here are the appearances we have had scheduled:

Hugh Hewitt Show - Andrew Finlayson November date time

Federalist Radio Hour - Lewis Sorley November date time

Bill Meyer Show Thursday, November 9th, 9:35 AM ET Andrew Finlayson

Joyce Kaufman Radio Show Friday, November 10th, 1:05 PM ET and 1:35 PM ET Lewis Sorley

Chad Groening, American Family News Radio Pre-recorded interview that will air Saturday morning Lewis Sorley

The Morning Show with Bobby Gunther Walsh Tuesday, November 14th, 9:10 AM to 9:30 AM ET R J Del Vecchio

KSCJ Radio with Mark Hahn Thursday, November 16th, 5:13 PM CT - ~15 minute interview Lewis Sorley

RADIO SAIGON DALLAS. April 29th 2019 Interview with Stephen Sherman with Vietnamese Translations

Print Requests

Here are the print requests:

LS-Courtney O'Brien,

LS-Tyler O'Neil, Assistant Editor, PJ Media

LS-John Faulkenberg, Conservative Tribune,

Washington Examiner Inside the Beltway

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