Amy and David Abrams

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AMY AND DAVID ABRAMS. Advocates of Universal Health Care.

David Abrams graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. degree in History. He founded Abrams Capital Management. David Abrams is a billionaire earning $400 million in 2013 managing $8 billion in assets. Amy and David Abrams charitable giving has focused on education and youth, arts and culture, Boston community, Jewish causes. They have contributed to Museum of Science, Birthright Israel, Manhattan Theatre Club, Brookline Community Mental Health Center, and the Boston Foundation.

Also South Africa Partners seeking universal healthcare and education are “prerequisites for securing a just democracy.” Sharing “experiences in South Africa and in the United States offer common ground from which to forge lasting and productive programs that bring us closer to” universal health care and education.

According to Open Secrets, David Abrams has made over 200 political contributions to both Democrats and Republicans. Amy Abrams has made over 100 contributions almost exclusively Democrat.

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