A Short History of the Vietnam War as we see it.

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A Short History of the Vietnam War as we see it.

While Burns uses the tag line “There is no single truth in war,” this is a fatuously empty statement. He is asking us to accept his narrative on the war; there must be a factual basis on which to evaluate the events that occurred. While there may be multiple perspectives, facts should be singular and verifiable. We will offer here some facts about the Vietnam War, or preferably to us, the Second Indochina War. If you wish to disagree with the facts that we present, you are welcome to challenge us and, probably, respond. So let’s look at a couple of short histories. First is a five minute video by Victor Davis Hansen, probably America’s pre-emminent living world historian.

Second is a shorter video by Bruce Herschenson who has an interesting, and as far as we are concerned, accurate perspective on how the war concluded.

Third, we have a twelve minute video by one of our members, Jim McLeroy, who served in Vietnam, survived a key battle there, got his masters degree in History and writes about what he sees as the key facts on the table here.

Click Here for an article from Charles Krohn offered prior to the start of this series.

It's too late for aging anti-war demonstrators to re-write or retract the impact of their rage and self-loathing chants that paralyzed campuses across the country and soiled the face of America.
While many who served on the front lines in Vietnam now understand there was deception at the top about "light at the end of the tunnel" claimed by General Westmoreland, we also believed Khrushchev was serious when he predicted "we will bury you." Europe cringed throughout the Cold War. Our presence in Vietnam was seen in that competitive context, blocking Communist expansion in the East, not as American imperialism claimed by the scruffy protesters.

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