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"The established narrative of the war, and the gloss on it provided by Burns-Novick’s inner theme, is that the Vietnam War represented not only Hanoi’s victory over the United States, but, more consequentially, the victory of all of the layers of social-political-cultural-personal revolution of the Sixties. To reaffirm the anti-war movement doctrinally is to lock in all the vast changes in the American character brought about by what the documentary sees as the truly greatest generation, the radicals of the 1960s." -- Charles Hill

A Viewers Guide to the Burns/Novick/PBS series on the Vietnam War

This guide will, ultimately, be downloadable and offered free to schools and others expressing their interest. There is a Study Guide in Part I which describes how we hope students will use the annotated transcripts to better understand both the good points and the bad points in Burns/Novick video history.

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Of note is this article comparing the treatment of the 1983 Karnow series to the 2017 Burns series.

But what surprises Altherr[1] and others who worked on the 1983 series is the absence of a coordinated attack against it by conservative forces similar to those who rose up in indignation 35 years ago. If anything, the most compelling criticism of Burns/Novick is that they strayed too close to the middle.

Part I. Introduction to Ken Burns and the Vietnam War.

Part II. Episode by Episode Discussions

Part III. Essays

Part IV. Overview and Conclusions

Part V. The Vets Strike Back

Part VI. Vietnamese Voices

Part VII. Remedies

  1. Sara Altherr, . . . chief publicist for the 1983 series and wife of its executive producer, Richard “Dick” Ellison